• January 17, 2016

11. AP8 What is your understanding of “Active Thinking”? What other kinds of thinking (human or non-human) are found in the known universe?

Over 140* peo­ple have now signed up to the Active Think­ing mee­tup… So let us know (active­ly!) what you expect to hap­pen when you and a 7 oth­er peo­ple get togeth­er in the State Library to think active­ly about a cho­sen top­ic. How do you approach puz­zling top­ics over and above giv­ing a sim­ple unex­am­ined opin­ion? (And just for laughs, how might cyborgs think through things dif­fer­ent­ly?)  Um, what top­ics are you ready to think about active­ly?

[*post­script: Over 500 had signed up by a year lat­er when I dis­con­tin­ued the series Most were ghosts who nev­er came]