• May 22, 2016

20. AP8 What is the best way to fund research, and what kinds of research should be funded?

There are many kinds of research and many kinds of peo­ple involved in research. Some­times what seems use­less at the time can have huge con­se­quences a gen­er­a­tion lat­er (and some­times not). Some research results which seem a tri­umph at the time are show use­less by lat­er devel­op­ments. A career in research requires ded­i­ca­tion and tal­ent,…

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19. AP8 A Universal Basic Income. $400 per week indexed to the CPI

Pay every­one $400 per week (cur­rent age pen­sion), rich or poor, indexed to the CPI. Gov­ern­ments print the mon­ey (they do now), and the mon­ey goes around. You have an econ­o­my. Employ­ers pay a mar­gin above the UBI to attract work­ers if they want them (over­all prob­a­bly cheap­er for them than now). A true mar­ket…

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