• July 31, 2016

23. AP8 How are children shaped ?

The kind of world we live in, whether it be work or play or love or even pol­i­tics and the fate of com­mu­ni­ties, depends a lot on the expe­ri­ences we had as chil­dren. Can or should this be influ­enced beyond the fam­i­ly? If so, how and by whom?

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22. AP8 Is globalization a failure, or can something worthwhile be rescued?

For a gen­er­a­tion glob­al­iza­tion has been sold as the yel­low brick road to pros­per­i­ty. What exact­ly is glob­al­iza­tion? Can its ben­e­fits be cher­ry-picked? Where do we go from here?

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21. AP8 Count your lucky stars

What part does luck play in the suc­cess of indi­vid­u­als, enter­pris­es and coun­tries? Think of exam­ples. From pol­i­tics to careers to find­ing the love of your life, there has nev­er been more advice avail­able, yet at the end of the game, some peo­ple seem to have been lucky and oth­ers not. Why is this so?…

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