• April 24, 2016

18. AP8 Prisons: so what is to be done?

It costs … tax­pay­ers $109,782.60 a year – or $301.60 each day — to keep a pris­on­er “on the inside”, accord­ing to the Aus­tralian Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty Com­mis­sion. Alter­na­tive­ly it costs $49,700 – less than half — to provide that pris­on­er with rent, food, a small four-cylin­der car and mon­ey for any degree in Aus­tralia for…

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17. AP8 What is right and what is wrong in the training of medical doctors?

Com­ment: some­where out there in med­ical-land there is a use­ful answer for many med­ical ques­tions, but expe­ri­ence (mine at least) sug­gests that odds of find­ing a GP who knows is often slim. For some­one with basic research skills, good answers tend to come bet­ter (and more cheap­ly!) from “Dr Google”. Also Dr Google soon shows…

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