• November 16, 2014

19 BAT When is censorship acceptable? Justify your argument [proposed by Thor]

Forty years ago the biggest social debates were about the accept­abil­i­ty (or not) of cen­sor­ship relat­ed to sex­u­al­i­ty. Now the pre­oc­cu­pa­tion might be more with polit­i­cal cen­sor­ship. There are many kinds of cen­sor­ship, includ­ing self-cen­sor­ship. Who should be draw­ing the­se invis­i­ble lines in the sand, and applied to what?

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18. BAT Should University Education Be Free? If not, why not? (proposed by Huyen. Scheduled 30 November 2014)

With the rock­et­ing prices of ter­tiary edu­ca­tion and the avail­abil­i­ty of free online open cours­es, will uni­ver­si­ty edu­ca­tion become obso­lete? What needs to change in the sys­tem to adapt to the new real­i­ties of the work­place and tech­nol­o­gy?

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