• September 22, 2014

14. BAT The Best Script for ages 40–90? [proposed by Thor]

The Best Script for 40–90? : Biol­o­gy and every cul­ture offer fair­ly clear scripts for ear­ly growth, edu­ca­tion, breed­ing and careers. Now the longest part of our lives is 40–90, and the script seems con­fused. How can this lat­er peri­od be opti­mized? [pro­posed by Thor]

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13. BAT How can Australia best arrange its international relationships? [proposed by Thor]

Since World War II Australia’s lead­ers have con­scious­ly posi­tioned Aus­tralia as a client state of the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca. Defence forces are total­ly inte­grat­ed, and for­eign pol­i­cy rarely devi­ates from the Amer­i­can line. Australia’s com­mer­cial cul­ture is Amer­i­ca writ small. Is this Amer­i­can pat­tern­ing the best option for Aus­tralia in the future?

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12. BAT Social Media & human relationships [proposed by Thor]

Does social media improve the qual­i­ty of human rela­tion­ships, or not?

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