• November 19, 2013

67. Eugenics is the only reasonable strategy available to us, given the fact of evolution (proposed by Dominicus)

Humans are not sta­t­ic. Evo­lu­tion is an ongo­ing process. Humans will inevitably change over time from var­i­ous selec­tive pres­sures on sur­vival and repro­duc­tion. That much is cer­tain. Equal­ly cer­tain is the fact that the indi­vid­u­al and col­lec­tive deci­sions of humans will have var­i­ous direct and indi­rect effects on this grad­u­al change. The only ques­tion that remains is to decide whether we wish for our influ­ence on our con­tin­ued evo­lu­tion to be ran­dom, dis­or­gan­ised and entire­ly unin­ten­tion­al (remain­ing in denial of the facts due to the stig­ma on eugen­ics), or to make our influ­ence very delib­er­ate, care­ful and cal­cu­lat­ed.
The fact is that (whether we like it or not) we are faced with the ques­tion of how we want to change our species, and denial of this will only mean that we leave the des­ti­na­tion of our species to pure chance, which doesn’t seem like a very respon­si­ble or intel­li­gent respon­se to me.

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