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76. The Uses and Misuses of Reason

When can the use of rea­son lead to bet­ter lives and soci­eties, and when can it under­mine them?

Think­ing point: The Attor­ney Gen­er­al, George Bran­dis has just declared that argu­ments for cli­mate change are irra­tional and that those who assert it should take a lesson from Voltaire …

75. When Do Means Justify Ends? [proposed by Thor]

Soon­er or lat­er every­one — indi­vid­u­als, gov­ern­ments, com­pa­nies — has to make choic­es about whether to put aside cer­tain val­ues to achieve a desired end. Michael Pas­coe, an Aus­tralian finan­cial jour­nal­ist, has recent­ly dis­cussed this at